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August 07, 2022 193 people Latest news

You’ve got your own internal marketing team, but adding a digital marketing agency is like extending it big time. Especially if you’re a small or medium-sized business, you’re probably not going to hire your own social media specialist, your own paid ads person, your own SEO specialist…that’s not sustainable. Instead, hiring an agency puts all those people on your team. A great agency is going to be both reliable and accountable. Reliability means you can call up your strategist and have a chat about what’s going on with your numbers or ask about updating your current strategy. It means you hear back from your agency swiftly, you trust and rely on them to know about and use the best strategies, and you just get the general feeling that they’re there for you. On the accountability side, you’ve got someone who’s accountable for your digital marketing strategy and the numbers behind it. If you’re losing steam in organic search, for instance, it’s your agency that has the answer as to why it’s happening. If a paid ad fails to bring in the customers you thought it would, your agency is accountable.

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